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          The Prince

          “The Prince”, the flagship of the Prince Hotels. Guests who choose to stay at “The Prince” hotels are privy to a unique accommodation experience. Take a break from the everyday and escape to your own private oasis where your only concern is sheer relaxation. The Prince provides a range of exquisite services that will harness your inner opulence. We take pride in bringing out the heartfelt smiles of even the most discerning guests well acquainted with travel, hotels and genuine value. At The Prince, our benchmark of quality goes beyond luxury and comfort. We aim to be the destination of choice for guests seeking a slice of contentment.

          The Prince Hakone Lake Ashinoko


          The Prince Hakone Lake Ashinoko is a luxurious resort hotel surrounded by Lake Ashi and mountain ranges. We…

          The Prince Villa Karuizawa


          We promise you a relaxed holiday while you sit back and “simply relax” to experience the beauty of…

          The Prince Karuizawa


          We guarantee a peaceful night’s rest in an atmosphere of calm. A private space for guests who…

          The Prince Sakura Tower Tokyo, Autograph Collection


          Only a 3-minute walk from Shinagawa station, the hotel boast a spacious garden extending to 20,000㎡.…

          The Prince Park Tower Tokyo


          The flagship of the Prince hotel chain. A member of the Preferred Hotels & Resorts. Standing amidst a park…

          Grand Prince Hotel

          What is it that defines the ideal city hotel? We believe that it should serve as a meeting place for a diverse array of people and information. New encounters not only inspire us but also excite us in unique ways. That is why at the Grand Prince Hotel, we provide our guests with a location which embodies both warm hospitality and refinement on a grand scale.

          Our spacious guest rooms are the perfect place to wind down and relax, while our impressive facilities provide the optimal surroundings for business conventions or private functions. At the Grand Prince Hotel, we have reinvented the ideal city hotel without sacrificing any of the qualities our guests have come to expect.

          Grand Prince Hotel Hiroshima


          Enjoy views over the Seto Inland Sea in this urban resort hotel. Only a 15-minute drive from…

          Grand Prince Hotel New Takanawa


          The hotel is located in an urban resort environment that also includes convention facilities such as the Hien…

          Grand Prince Hotel Takanawa


          Only a 5-minute walk from Shinagawa station, the hotel boasts a spacious garden extending to 20,000㎡.…

          Grand Prince Hotel Kyoto


          The Grand Prince Hotel Kyoto was designed by the late Togo Murano, an architect who made a valuable…

          Prince Hotel

          A high caliber of service to realize the vision of the Seibu Group “Put a smile on everyone’s faces”. We like to refer to this as “Prince Hotel Quality”. A Prince Hotel is a place where guests can enjoy casual and comfortable surroundings, where simplicity blends seamlessly with complete satisfaction.

          Prince Hotels cater to a diverse array of guests of all ages and from all walks of life, from traveling businessmen and women to vacationing families and travelers from overseas. We strive to provide each and every one of our guests with a level of service which consistently exceeds expectations. That is the underlying principle which defines the new “Prince Hotel”.

          Nagoya Prince Hotel Sky Tower


          Located in Nagoya, one of Japan’s three major cities, Global Gate is arising as a new nexus…

          Shizukuishi Prince Hotel


          Shizukuishi Prince Hotel is a resort hotel in Shizukuishi, Iwate (northeast area of Japan). The hotel is surrounded…

          Towada Prince Hotel


          Towada Prince Hotel is located by Towada lake in Aomori (northeast area of Japan). This hotel is surrounded…

          Kushiro Prince Hotel


          Located in the center of Kushiro, it is the perfect base for both business and sightseeing in eastern…

          Kussharo Prince Hotel

          Lake Kussharo

          Its location as a base for sightseeing in eastern Hokkaido, where nature spreads out around you all year. …

          Hakodate-Onuma Prince Hotel


          The hotel is located in Onuma Quasi-National Park, selected as one the New Three Scenic Views of…

          New Furano Prince Hotel


          Enveloped by the grand natural beauty of Hokkaido, Furano is a resort which you can enjoy year-round.…

          Furano Prince Hotel


          A relaxing resort hotel boasting 112 guest rooms, superb amenities, furnishings, bath facilities, and a brand new interior.…

          Sapporo Prince Hotel


          A night view of Sapporo from the guest rooms. An open-air hot spring bath where you can…

          Shimoda Prince Hotel


          Shimoda Prince Hotel is located by Shirahama coast in Izu Peninshula which is well known for its beautiful…

          Shiga Kogen Prince Hotel

          Shiga Kogen

          The view of a grand natural spectacle from 2,000 meters above sea level that spreads out before…

          Manza Prince Hotel


          Japan’s best hot spring resort located at an altitude of 1,800 meters and open all year…

          Tsumagoi Prince Hotel


          Tsumagoi Prince hotel is located in Gunma, which is about three hours away from the center of Tokyo…

          Oiso Prince Hotel


          You’ll find the Oiso Prince Hotel on a pristine beachfront overlooking the sapphire blue waters of the…

          Kamakura Prince Hotel


          Kamakura Prince Hotel is located right off the shore of Shichirigahama beach, which is a part of famous…

          Hakone Yunohana Prince Hotel


          Hakone Yunohana Prince Hotel is a Japanese-style hot spring inn and hotel in the pristine Hakone area,…

          Hakone Sengokuhara Prince Hotel


          Surrounded by the rich natural beauty of the Sengoku highlands, the location of this resort hotel offers expansive…

          Shin Yokohama Prince Hotel


          The hotel is located adjacent to ‘Shin Yokohama Station’ through which the Shinkansen bullet train, JR Yokohama line…

          Kawagoe Prince Hotel


          Kawagoe Prince hotel is located in Kawagoe, Saitama which is about one hour away from the heart of…

          Sunshine City Prince Hotel


          Make the Sunshine City Prince Hotel your base in Tokyo for business and sightseeing. We are the core…

          Shinjuku Prince Hotel


          The Shinjuku Prince Hotel is a 5-minute walk from Shinjuku Station. Located in the center of Kabuki-…

          Naeba Prince Hotel


          You can enjoy a vast ski area on the scale of European resorts. Boasting a total of 1,…

          Karuizawa Asama Prince Hotel


          Enveloped in a comfortable greenery, cut off from the din of daily life, Karuizawa Asama Prince Hotel, on…

          Karuizawa Prince Hotel East


          Karuizawa Prince Hotel East is located in Karuizawa, Nagano, a walking distance from Karuizawa station of the bullet…

          Nichinankaigan Nango Prince Hotel


          65 km from the center of Miyazaki-city, Nichinan Kaigan Nango Prince Hotel is located by the ocean…

          Lake Biwa Otsu Prince Hotel


          Situated on the Lake Biwa shore, the Lake Biwa Otsu Prince Hotel boasts 38 floors and is home…

          Shinagawa Prince Hotel


          The Shinagawa Prince Hotel, which is in front of Shinagawa Station, has good access to Narita Airport, Haneda…

          Karuizawa Prince Hotel West


          Karuizawa Prince Hotel West is located in Karuizawa, Nagano, a walking distance from Karuizawa station of the bullet…

          Tokyo Prince Hotel


          Escape the urban jungle to an oasis of serenity and dense greenery. The Tokyo Prince Hotel sits comfortably…

          Kawana Hotel


          Classic hotel established in 1928, Kawana Hotel warmly welcomes all golfers and non-golfers with fantastic view of…

          Sanyo-so (Ryokan)


          Sanyo-so stands by the quiet mountainside of Izu Nagaoka, which has prospered as a hot spring resort…

          Manza Kogen Hotel


          Manza is all about hot springs, which has been loved for more than 400 years. Take a break…

          Hakone En Cottage West


          Hakone-en is a tourist area located on the eastern side of Lake Ashi and offers shops and…

          Hakone En Cottage Camping


          Hakone-en is a tourist area located on the eastern side of Lake Ashi and offers shops and…

          Ryuguden (Ryokan)


          Ryuguden is a ryokan(a traditional Japanese inn with tatami-mat rooms) with over 70 years of history,…

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